AC Repair Services Saved us this Summer

AC Repair Services Save Us

AC Repair Services Save Us

Losing control of your climate can make the summer heat unbearable. Our family learned that the hard during the month of July. It would be an understatement to say that the temperature was hot. It was downright brutal and as the mercury continued to climb, our air conditioning system could no longer keep up with the demand of cooling our home. As the sun was beating down, the temperature inside went from being cool and refreshing to hot and stuffy very quickly. Our ac system was only producing lukewarm air that did absolutely nothing to cool down our house. We needed immediate help, then and now, and so we sought out Margate ¬†emergency ac services. Time was of the essence and we were lucky to find a service provider that was quick and efficient. When we called to set up an appointment, the high quality customer service we received was second to none. And before we knew it, one of their experienced technicians arrived at our house and he didn’t waste any time.

Since we had a similar problem in the past, the technician proceeded to check our thermostat. We had a thunderstorm move through the area the night before and there were several close lightning strikes. A few of out appliances were damaged in the home, and so it was the logical first step. It turned out that the thermostat was functioning perfectly and so the service tech proceeded outside to check out air conditioning unit. The electrical storm caused no damage to the unit, but it turned out that we had a damaged electrical connection that the technician was able to isolate and fix. Our system was also a few pounds low on refrigerant and the tech was able to recharge the system.

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Within a short time of these repairs being performed, cold air was once again pouring through the vents and into our home. When we received the bill, we were stunned by the savings we received. Other companies had quoted us far more for less in the past. The air conditioning tech also gave us some great tips for preserving the comfort in our home. He pointed out that we had a lamp in close proximity to our thermostat which was giving off heat. This made our thermostat think the house was warmer than it actually was which caused our air conditioning system to cycle on and off more frequently. This one tip alone will save us money on our energy costs. Overall, we could not be happier with the technician that services our system.

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