Cost of Installing a New HVAC in Commercial Building

HVAC Installation in Commercial Building

Margate Air Conditioning Installation

Controlling the climate and comfort factor in modern buildings has become an important point in architectural design. Installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) machines contribute to controlling the temperature and flow of air in a building. The maintenance and good regulation of these systems allow the buildings’ residents/occupants to enjoy good health free from detrimental microorganisms and dust particles. Not regulating the flow of air and improper humid conditions create Sick Building Syndrome. They help to keep rooms well aired and fresh. It is highly important to purchase the right size of HVAC system per the building’s specification. One that is too big or too small for the building will not only be of no help but will create further financial exchequer. A rightly created system will assuredly render a cozy interior atmosphere year long when properly kept. Margate Airconditioning caters to all these needs.

Different types of HVAC and their Parts

The different systems available are cooling only split system: it combines an interior unit for handling air and an exterior unit for condensation. Cooling only package system has the former systems unit combined together and the system is placed outside the building. Heat pumps are almost like cooling only systems with the exception that a special valve in the cooling pipes that let a reversal of refrigeration cycle operates. Chilled water system a cooling plant chills water that is carried throughout the building. Window air conditioners can only cool small areas as they are set in windows of the room or customized opening in the wall. Packaged terminal heat pumps are similar to window air conditioners only that they require a connection to electricity as well as an entrance to the building shell. Moreover before buying one should also check for the following parts: the furnace, ductwork, air conditioner and the thermostat.

Benefits and cost of using HVAC

Market price of electrical and fuel energy is steadily rising due to high demands. These centrally located systems are essential in lowering expenses of climate control in buildings. High bills for fuel and electricity can be cut down. Furthermore the overall energy cost can be decreased. The drive to reduce green house gas emission is also accelerated by efficient systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Commercial buildings will obviously incur a greater cost of installing HVAC systems than residential buildings. Margate Airconditioning constantly refines methods of constructing HVAC systems to lower overall cost. Their systems are made to be intelligent and energy efficient. The pricing is at extremely competitive rates. Installation cost is just a shifting factor in the total evaluation. The company ensures a proper evaluation of the site and its targeted areas falling under the HVAC system. The costs for the actual unit, installation and maintenance fall under separate categories. Margate Airconditioning ensures customer’s demands are met and that they get the value for their money. Having them design and set up the HVAC systems make them the best ones to keep up the maintenance and repair issues. Who better will understand the system? The average cost varies according to the brand and the place but mostly for commercial purposes the cost can be 15,000$ for the purchase of the unit alone.

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